Build A Custom HO Railroad

Whether you are new to model railroading or a seasoned veteran, building your own HO railroad
will take considerable planning. It is a little more involved than just assembling track on a piece of plywood. Will your HO railroad be an indoor layout or a garden railroad? What will be the theme of your railroad?

A new model railroader may be well advised to start with a quality HO train starter set at first. Several manufacturers offer quality HO train sets that will get your railroad off to a fast start. Later more cars and accessories can be added as the railroad progresses. The amount of track needed will vary as to the space available, and the desires of the model railroader.

A very important factor will be what time period will your HO railroad represent? Are you a fan of the steam engines of yesteryear? There is a great selection of live steam models that would be well suited to build railroads from the steam era. Maybe you prefer a more modern era such as when diesel locomotives began ruling the rails. Or you can go for the most modern locomotives of today. Whatever era you choose, you will find a never ending supply of trains and accessories available.

Will your HO railroad be specific to a certain railroad you may favor over others? Many modelers choose a local railroad, but there are no limits to what locomotives or rail cars can run on your track. Your railroad can be as unique as you choose to build it.

There are two choices of powering your HO railroad, DCC and analog. Analog trains use transformers to supply power. The power is sent through the tracks and the train will run as long as the power is on. Reversing polarity causes the train to move in the opposite direction. DCC, or Digital Command Control, supplies power through a chip embedded in the locomotive. Different locomotives can move in different directions at the same time. DCC also allows for advanced and more realistic lighting and sounds.

There are no limits as to how elaborate you can build your HO railroad. Whether from a bygone era or the super trains of today, you can build your HO railroad to be like no other.

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